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The Eunoia Collective

It's time for a revolution in women's mental health.

Does this sound familiar to you?

When you are “good,” you are really good.

When you are on top of your game, you are taking really good care of yourself. Maybe you’re meditating regularly, spending some time with your journal and exercising.  You’re doing the things that make you feel good. You’re rocking it.

And then life gets busy.

Something comes up and you think, “I don’t need to do all this anymore, I’m good now.”

All of the struggles of the low mood days and worries seem so far away. “Surely, I’m better now, I don’t need to work so hard.” 

And you stop all the things.

Before you know it, you’re not “good” anymore.

You remember all of those “good habits” you used to do, and know you should get back to them.

But you need support, accountability and skills to get there.

So here's the thing...

You need a lifelong approach to managing your mental health, rather than riding the roller coaster from “great” to “crisis.”

I know this because I work with women like you every single day.

As an MD Psychotherapist and expert in women’s mental health, I believe that our approach to mental wellness must be comprehensive, actionable and effective.

None of us have time to waste, but we all want to feel our best.
For ourselves + our families.

No one has time for stuffy therapists and psychiatrists who spend 10 minutes with you and prescribe a cocktail of drugs, leaving you to fend for yourself and wonder wtf just happened. These approaches are outdated, ineffective and leave women feeling alone and unfixable.

Personally, I’m done with allllll that. I’d bet you are too.

I’m creating a revolution in women’s mental health.


The Eunoia Collective is for:

  • Women ready to break the cycle of mental health ups and downs.
  • Future, current or past patients of Eunoia Medical (this is a great place to reinforce and stay accountable to everything you learn from Carly in your 1:1 sessions!)
  • Whether you’re on our waiting list or have been long-time client of Carly’s and know you LOVE her approach.
  • Women who just need a space to be held accountable for taking better care of their mental health.
  • Women who are diagnosed with a mental illness or just not what’s happening in their brain.
  • Women who are looking for clear plan, actionable strategies and support to really get back to feeling like themselves.
  • Women who need support and community.


What's included?

The Eunoia Collective gives you VIP-access to exclusive mental health courses, coaching and a community of support so you can get off the mental health roller-coaster and consistently feel good.

Check out our plans below to get started!


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